Frequently Asked Questions about Smith Artisan Boudoir sessions

Will I have a male or female photographer?

We offer both! We are a husband and wife team who work very well together, but you may choose whichever makes you the most comfortable, or both. We each have a different shooting style. We offer a very professional, discreet and family friendly environment. It is our intention to make you as comfortable as possible during your shoot. 

Is my session private? Do you share my images online? How do you keep my images safe?

Our sessions are 100% private. The only people present for your session are the photographers and hair/makeup personnel. 

Images are NEVER shared anywhere without your written permission. There are NO requirements to share images, in order to book a session. 

Your images are stored on a password protected hard drive, and your personal page is password protected. The page isn't even made available to google for searching. If you do not have the link AND password you cannot view the images.

May I bring someone with me to my shoot?

Yes. Although, our recommendation is to avoid the distraction. Feel free to bring someone with you if it makes you more comfortable or makes you feel more safe. In our experience, additional people at the shoot can cause our clients to feel inhibited and more time is spent speaking and laughing (which is great, until you snap the pic). But, we leave this decision up to the client.

 Where do the sessions take place?

Normally, in our home. We are in the process of converting our two-car garage into a portrait studio. Other options are available, such as renting a hotel room (at the client's expense). This is always a fun option for multiple shoots. 

Do you offer retouching? Can you remove bruises, scars, blemishes, cellulite, etc?

Retouching is included with every session. I remove scars as requested, acne, blemishes, stretchmarks and cellulite in addition to bruises and other random marks you may have on the day of your session! Please let us know if there are marks you would like to retain. It's not our intention to make you look like someone else. If you would like more extensive retouching, such as removal of a tattoo, or weight control, please discuss this with us ahead of time. Full tattoo removal may require an additional fee as more time is required.

I don't look like the women on your website. Do you think I can still have a good shoot?

Absolutely! We don't work exclusively with models! Most of the women on our website are real women just like you who went through makeup and hair, put together thoughtful wardrobes and trusted us to help them create sexy, beautiful images. We will do the same for you. Every woman is beautiful, and we will help you find a way to express that beauty in your photographs.

Are makeup and hair included? Can I just do my own and save money?

Our sessions do NOT include full makeup and simple hair styling, unless requested and there is an additional fee for bringing in the artist. Although, it gives you time to relax, get to know us better and feel pampered. But more importantly, having a professional do your makeup means they know how to do camera-ready makeup that will truly make you feel and look special and sexy! They know the secrets of cheekbone contouring and other wonderful ways to take your natural beauty and highlight it. Honestly, you will want to have a professional makeup artist go with you everywhere once you experience this luxury!

How long will the session take?

The photographic session takes an hour to an hour and a half, any longer and the client can begin to look/feel tired. As cliche as it may sound, modeling can be hard! 

What should I bring to the session?

I will provide you with suggestions on things to bring to your session in an email "tip sheet" you'll receive upon reserving your session.

In general here are some things you'll want to bring:

- 3 to 4 outfit changes like a mix of lingerie, special items (like a favorite shirt of his or jersey) and any other options you'd like

- Accessories - jewelry and other items like a hat, something personal, veil etc.

- Sexy shoes! 

- A printout (or link) of your Pinterest board or ideas/poses you are interested in. 

When will I see my session images? How long does it take to get everything back?

At this time, roughly 4 days to two weeks after your shoot. We will send you a link to your online password-protected gallery to view your final images. Your digital files will be made available upon payment via instant download by online gallery. This saves the environment - no need for large volumes of plastic CDs or thumbdrives - and saves you time because you can instantly download the images to your computer.

Do you offer boudoir parties or bridesmaids-type parties?

We offer private shoots just for this type of group! It's a great way to bond and have some much needed "girl-time". Some girls like to have a boudoir party and then have the bachelorette party that night while they're all glammed up with professionally done makeup and hair! Groups of 3 or more receive discounted session rates. (Please note that these types of parties are usually best shot at an upscale hotel/location shoot and that will be at the clients expense.)

I don't see any semi nude photos on your website. I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but do you offer that type of photography?

Yes, we do offer semi nude options during sessions. We choose not to display this on the web, as it's a very personal art-form. Keep in mind that we will only photograph tasteful nudes - if it's outside our comfort zone, we will let you know. It's our goal that you look back on the photos and feel good about them years from now. These poses should be discussed ahead of time so that we all know what to expect in advance of your photo shoot.